* All prices include tax.

Open Plays
Open Play events consist of games from 10AM-4PM. Each game ranges from 5-60 minutes. Breaks between games are minimal to allow for more gameplay. A 20 minute break will be held for lunch. Play will resume following lunch with whomever is present; we will not wait for players who eat off-site.
$15 Standard all-day admission
$10 Matinee (1PM-4PM). 
$10 Ages 12-17 when playing with a full-price parent or guardian. 
$10 Military and First Responders 

$15 AEG rifle capable of firing full-auto, comes with 1 high-capacity magazines full of BBs.
$8 Full-face all-in-one protective mask.
$5 Full seal ballistic eye protection.
$3 Mesh lower face shields.
$5 Spare batteries.

Center Mass Airsoft is proud to carry Elite Force and Valken products.
$8 Center Mass Airsoft PVC patch (black/grey)
$8 2,700 0.20g BBs
$14 5,000 0.20g BBs
$9 2,700 0.25g BBs
$16 5,000 0.25g BBs
$15 2,700 0.28g BBs
$24 2,700 0.32g BBs
$15 Green Gas
$1.50 12g C02 cartridge
$14+ Full-seal ANSI ballistic eye protection. Various options starting at $14.
$14+ Mesh lower face shields. Various options starting at $14.
$12+ AEG batteries. Various options starting at $12.
$125+ AEG rifles. Various options starting at $125.

Private Events
Yes, you can rent out our entire airsoft field. Admins will be available to run your experience from beginning to end.  Rates are $450 for a half day and $600 for a full day.  Both prices include full rentals for 5 people.