Operation Viper

Operation Viper: The Rise of Cobra

The Vipers were a corrupt and greedy pack of mercenaries. For years their power grew to seemingly boundless ends. But the elite fighters from Atlas stepped in and stomped the core of the Viper organization. For years the nations lived in peace…

Now there has been talk of a man looking for blood… his father was killed by the Atlas Leader. From the ashes the man known as Cobra gained support and strength to help him get his revenge. He sent the New Vipers out to grow their numbers by stealing men and teenage boys. Now Cobra needs oil to move on to his the next phase of his plan.

Once again, Atlas will be called upon in the hour of need. Will they protect the oil source and keep the Vipers at bay or will Cobra get his revenge?

May 12, 9:00 - May 13, 4:00

Pre register - $65 and the first 50 registered get a free Who Shot First event Patch
Walk Ons - $75.

Tickets are available at:


If you are not one of the first 50 to register then you may purchase a patch when you register or the day of the event.

Elite Force
Lancer Tactical
High Power Airsoft
Falcon Battle Systems
American Milsim
Battle Born Apparel

Vipers - Civilian based uniforms. Jeans, Solid colored pants, shorts, Whatever for tops as long as they are not Orange, red or a camo pattern. No bump helmets allowed and no hats with a camo pattern.
Atlas – Camo based uniforms, any combination of camo. Tops and Bottoms do not need to match but they both MUST both be camo. Bump helmets allowed or any hat with camo on it.

Role Restrictions:
Squads - Max of 8 people per squad
1. Squad leader
2. One Medic
3. One support Specialist (Either a Sniper or Saw)
4. One engineer
Command Staff – Each Command staff will be made up of at least 3 people.
1. Commanding Officer
2. Executive Officer
3. Chef Medic Officer

CMA Age Restrictions:
All players MUST sign a Center Mass Airsoft waiver for 2018
• 18+ - Players may sign CMA waivers without a parent or guardian.
• 15-17 - A parent or legal guardian must be present, with a valid ID or legal court documents (proving guardianship) to sign the waiver, after which, they can leave. Generally, this is done once per calendar year. Parents not wishing to attend can have a CMA waiver legally notarized and allow the minor to turn in the form.
• 12-14 - A parent or legal guardian is required to sign the waiver and be present at the game, but are not obligated to play. Any parent/guardian who wishes to play with their children is more than welcome to as long as the child can handle themselves on the field. If it is determined the child is unsuited to play Airsoft, it is asked they wait until the child matures before returning.

Gun Restrictions:
• Riflemen – Guns under 400 fps, semi only, no MED. NO Full Auto is allowed for Riflemen.
• SMGs – SMG style guns shooting under 350 fps. 20 foot MED on Full auto BURST, no MED when on Semi. 25 RPS max. This doesn’t not include stubby M4s. Examples: MP5s, Vectors, ARP 9s, Uzis, MP9s, MP7s…. Does not count as a support Specialist.
• DMR – Guns Shooting between 401 and 450 FPS. Semi only. 40 MED.
• Snipers – Bolt Action Snipers. May shoot up to 550 fps. 60 foot MED.
• SAWs – LMGs under 425 fps. 40 foot MED. Full auto Burst. 25 RPS Max. No your M4 with a box mag does not count. Examples: 249, 240, Stoner, RPK….

All guns must be chronoed with .20g BBs, regardless of what weight is desired for gameplay except HPA guns must be chronoed with .32g BBs.

Riflemen, SMGs, DMRs and Snipers are limited to 6 Mid caps or 2 high caps. Saws are limited to 1 box mag, max 5000 box mag.

Players may only reload in their FOBs or at controlled MASH points(thanks JTAC Milsim).

Medic rules:
1. All players must have a dead rag. If a player decides to play without a dead rag they CANNOT be medic’d. No exceptions.
2. Player is allowed to carry either a JTAC or MSW Tourniquet and an ACE Wrap. Or if players do not want to purchase a Tourniquet they may carry 2 Ace Wraps. All Tourniquets and Ace Wraps must be approved at Check In.
3. Any player may medic any wounded player as long as they have a dead rag AND a available tourniquet.
4. Only a Medic can apply an Ace wrap.
5. All players have a 4 minute bleed out UNLESS they are hit with a grenade. A grenade kill is an instant respawn.

See the rules tab for our general rule set