Operation Foritude

Backstory: Two brothers, Seth and Cameron, competed with each other to raise through the ranks of the Assyrian military. Both became respected Generals in the army. However, after the assassination of the elected president of Assyria, civil war broke out. The congress passed a resolution asking for US assistance to stabilize the government. Unfortunately, civil war pits brothers against each other, and Seth left for the rebel side, but Cameron remained loyal to the government. So now you must decide, will you fight to support the constitutional government or fight to expel the yankee outsiders?

What: Fundraiser for Homes For Our Troops (https://www.hfotusa.org/). A 1 day mini-milsim event to have fun for a good cause.

When: June 22
  • Gates open at 8:00
  • Head to field at 8:45
  • Game start 10:00.
  • Lunch / Regroup 1:00-2:00
  • Game ends 5:00

Entry Fee: $30. $10 to cover costs, $20 to HFOT
  • Free dead rag with each ticket
  • Limit 80 people
  • 5 man fire teams, each fire team has 1 automatic rifleman, 1 DMR. Only the automatic rifleman may use full auto, all others semi only.
  • 2 fire teams per squad
  • 4 squads per platoon
  • 1 sniper fire team per platoon
  • 1 Commander
  • All leaders must have comms (walkie talkie okay)
  • Automatic riflemen do not require a LMG, but do need to wear an armband designating their role.
All other rules are consistent with open play including FPS limits & MED.
Current Teams

Check your team assignment here.  The first page shows you signed up, the following pages show your role.

Scoring (work in progress)

  • Achieve Objective: 100 pts
  • Killing Opposing Commander: 75 pts
  • Capturing Opposing Mercenary 25
  • -15 points - not calling hit
  • -15 points - Non AR firing automatic