Open Play

Our open play is a great way to get started in airsoft in general or  Center Mass Airsoft in particular.  Open plays are open to everyone who meets our age and waiver restrictions and are held on alternating Saturdays and Sundays.  See our calendar for details on which days we are open.

Out typical open play day starts at 9:15 when we open the gates for registration.  At around 9:55 we'll do a new player orientation explaining the field and general sequence of play.  At 10:00 we'll have a safety brief to make sure we all understand the rules and playing safely.  Then we'll head onto the field and go to Dead Pool.

Dead Pool is where all our games start and end.  Dead pool has picnic tables and water so feel welcome to bring all your supplies with you.  When we get to Dead Pool we will split into teams.  Most games we will spit between Tan and Green factions.  We use tape as an armband to help identify teams, but if you can wear either Tan or Green it helps avoid confusion on the field.   The teams are re-balanced through out the day.

The Administrator will then explain the game.  All of our games are objective based and last anywhere from 10-40 minutes.   In addition to an objective, each faction will be given a spawn point.  A spawn point is used to "revive" if you are out of the game and usually a short walk away from the game action.

After the game is over all the players return to Dead Pool.  There is typically at 10-15 minute break while people rest, fill up their magazines with BBs and drink some water.  And the most important thing is to tell each other stories of what happened during the game.

After the short rest time, a new game is started.  Teams are rebalanced, new objectives are explained and new spawn points are established.  If you are tired you are welcome to sit out a game and either stay at dead pool or go back up to the parking lot.

Around 12:30 a 30 minute break is given for lunch.  There are a lot of fast food restaurants in the area (there is a fast food mecca about 2 miles east of the field on Kansas Ave.)  Usually we time the last game to end right at 4:00.

Spectators are welcome and we'll provide free eye-protection for non-players.  However, the field is 12 acres, so it is hard to see everything that is going on.

If you have a radio, we recommend using the following frequencies for open plays:

Team Color FRS (Channel) Frequency

If you have questions, the best way to get a hold of us is via e-mail: