Help Wanted

Center Mass Airsoft has immediate needs for the following positions.  If you'd like to apply, send us an e-mail at with your name, age and day of week preference and position you'd like to apply.  All positions require you be fun-loving but disciplined and have a gmail account for information sharing. You must be 18 to be an administrator, 16 for Chrono / Rentals.

Prepare Rentals Checkout Rentals
Role Name Responsibilities Compensation
Game AdministratorManage games and objectives
Pick up all trash at end of day
Enforce Safety Rules

$50/day **
Rentals /ChronoPrepare Rentals
Record Checkout
Run Chrono

Free Play after 10:15

** The game administrator should plan to administer the games at least once per month.  During that month on days that the administrator is not working they play for free.  They may not play on the day they are working.

All games are either on Saturday or Sunday.  You should plan to arrive at 8:50 to help set up.