Release of Liability Waiver must be signed by all participants and observers who intend to enter the CMA field.


CMA Age Restrictions
  • 18+ -  Players may sign CMA waivers without a parent or guardian.  
  • 15-17 - A parent or legal guardian must be present, with a valid ID or legal court documents (proving guardianship) to sign the waiver, after which, they can leave.  Generally, this is done once per calendar year.  Parents not wishing to attend can have a CMA waiver legally notarized and allow the minor to turn in the form.
  • 12-14 -  A parent or legal guardian is required to sign the waiver and be present at the game, but are not obligated to play.  Any parent/guardian who wishes to play with their children is more than welcome to as long as the child can handle themselves on the field.  If it is determined the child is unsuited to play Airsoft, it is asked they wait until the child matures before returning.
For non CMA games you will need to see the hosting team's rules.

CMA BB Weight Restrictions
Airsoft safe plastic BBs of any weight are permitted.

CMA Gun Restrictions
All guns must be approved by an Admin prior to use. All players are subject to random weapon checks by an Admin at any time. No weapons may exceed the requirements listed below. Only support weapons are allowed to use box/drum magazines.

Minimum Engagement Distances: Snipers MED is 30', DMR is 20'.  No full-auto is allowed within 20'.  All players must switch to semi-auto for <20' engagements.

0.20g 0.23g 0.25g 0.28g 0.32g
AEG/GBB/HPA 400 FPS 372 FPS 357 FPS 337 FPS 315 FPS
DMR 450 FPS 420 FPS 402 FPS 380 FPS 356 FPS
Bolt-action 550 FPS 512 FPS 491 FPS 464 FPS 434 FPS

CMA Gameplay Rules
These rules exist to provide a safe and efficient environment for Center Mass Airsoft members and guests. By attending any CMA event you are agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations. Failure to comply will result in ejection from the event and may result in a ban from all future CMA events.
  • Attitude: Airsoft is a game of honor and integrity. Participants are also expected to respect others, personal property, and the field.  Fighting of any kind, acts of malicious aggression, or mental intimidation will not be tolerated.
  • Game Admin: The Admin is responsible for coordinating events and promoting safety. The Admin will communicate game play types and can impose any additional rules or restrictions to facilitate specific games or scenarios. If a conflict or discrepancy arises between participants it should be taken to the Admin for resolution. The Admin will make the final decision on any issues. Arguing with the Admin will result in ejection from the event.
  • Bans: Extreme behavior, excessive rule violations, or arguing with an Admin may get you banned from any and all CMA events. Players who are banned or ejected will not receive any refunds.
  • Eye Protection: Eye safety is paramount. Full-seal ballistic eye protection must be worn anytime a player or visitor is outside of a Safe Zone. Eyewear must meet ANSI Z87.1 standards AND seal around the face. Goggles or masks with some type of material filling the gap between the lens and face are generally acceptable. Prescription glasses and safety glasses are NOT acceptable. The Admin must approve all eyewear prior to gameplay. Eye pro must be worn in the chrono area. Mesh must have glasses in addition.
  • Face Protection: The lower face must be covered when in the AO. This can be a paintball mask, mesh mask, balaclava, shemagh, or bandana. The Admin must approve all protection prior to gameplay.
  • Safe Zone: The Safe Zone is the only area where it is permissible to remove eye protection. No weapons will be fired in the Safe Zone. Participants must remove magazines from guns, clear the chamber of any rounds, and engage the gun safety before entering a Safe Zone. The parking area and everything North of the creek is a permanent safe zone. Dead Pool is a temporary safe zone between games - do not remove eye pro while walking to Dead Pool.
  • Blind Man: In the event of a real world emergency or injury, yell “BLIND MAN!” If you hear someone yell “Blind Man” you should respond by yelling “Blind Man”, ceasing gameplay, removing your magazine, and placing your gun on safe. The Admin will inform players when the situation has been resolved.
  • Hits: A player is hit anytime a BB makes contact with their body, clothing, or gear. Once a player is hit they will yell “HIT!” loud enough for their opponent to hear. Yelling other words or phrases is not acceptable. After yelling “HIT” a player should raise their gun above their head and display a red “dead rag.”  Gun barrels sticking around corners are not considered hit, all other gun hits count as hits. Not calling your hits is cheating; cheating will not be tolerated. Players will only receive one warning before being ejected from the game without a refund.
  • Overshooting: Pay attention to your target. Stop shooting when they call hit. Try using burst fire to give your opponent a chance to call hit from the first volley. If you abuse full-auto, the admin will take away your ability to shoot full-auto.
  • Blind Fire: Players must be looking down the sights/scope of their weapon when firing. Holding guns around corners or above their heads is not acceptable.
  • Friendly Fire: A hit is a hit, it doesn’t matter which team caused it.
  • Physical Contact: Never. Under no circumstances should you touch another player. Melee weapons are not allowed.
  • Safety Kill: aka "Bang Rule". Does not exist on the CMA field. Players abusing this rule will be ejected. Use trigger discipline on close engagements. Players abusing this rule will be ejected.
  • Dead Players: Dead players do not talk, do not give away the positions of others, do not complain, and do not fire their weapons. Dead players can only say “Dead Man” if asked a question by teammates.
  • Meat Shields: Only medics can use meat shields. If you are alive, do not use a dead player for cover.
  • Boundaries: Borders and boundaries will be defined by the Admin. Boundaries are subject to change throughout an event and may depend on the current game style. Players are not allowed to climb on anything including trees and artificial barriers. Artificial cover has been placed throughout the field and is not to be moved. Roads are marked with neon caution tape, do not cross the tape.
  • Spawns: Spawn points will be designated by the Admin. Spawn camping is not allowed; do not shoot players who are re-spawning. Do not linger in a spawn point.
  • Hazards: Players are responsible for avoiding hazards. These may include, but are not limited to: fencing, barbed wire, uneven terrain, and man-made features. Efforts have been made to mark hazards, but not all hazards are marked.
  • Terrain: For safety reasons, do not engage an opponent helping someone up a gully or ditch. Wait until your opponent is on stable terrain before engaging.
  • Grenades: All grenades must be approved by an Admin prior to use. Any grenade that goes “bang/pop” has a 15 ft hit/kill radius, regardless of the shape of the shell. If you are in a "room" consisting of 3 or more walls, grenades kill the entire room. Any grenade that ejects BBs must strike the target with a BB to count as a hit. Grenades must perform their intended function in order to count as hits; duds do not kill the target. Let a grenade do its function - do not try to kick, pick up, or throw back grenades.
  • Smoke: Smoke must be approved by an Admin prior to use. Only cold smoke with no flame will be approved.
  • Pyro: ‘Airsoft Safe’ pyro is allowed if approved by admin. This includes Enola Gaye, Taginn, and similar products. No homemade pyro. No fireworks.
  • Chalk/Paint: Chalk markers are not allowed. No paint of any kind is allowed.
  • Electronic Warfare: Not permitted in any way. No jamming allowed. Use only your team's frequencies. Do not listen to the admin channel or enemy's channel.
  • Gun Restrictions: All guns must be approved by an Admin prior to use. All players are subject to random weapon checks by an Admin at any time.
  • Rentals: If you borrowed/rented any item, do not mess with it. Consult the owner for any adjustments.  Be sure to return all rented items.
  • Police: Real world law enforcement officers may enter the area at any time. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Airsoft guns look like real weapons and Police will treat them as such. If Police arrive, cease gameplay and obey their instructions immediately.
  • Hydrate: always drink plenty of water, regardless of the weather or temperature.