CMA Field

Center Mass Airsoft is a woodland airsoft field in Kansas City which offers all-day games open to the public (“Open Plays”), military simulation events (“MilSim”), and private parties.

CMA maintains a 12-acre woodland field located near I-70/I-635 in Kansas City, KS. The entrance is located at 921 N. 55th St, Kansas City, KS 66102.

Field Map
Our field spreads across 12 acres, and most gameplay involves one or more of the F.O.B.s (Forward Operating Bases) that we have built.  Check out the printable copy or use the GPS interactive version.

Open Plays
We have "open plays" 4 times a month, and anyone can come out to play as long as they meet the minimum requirements and fill out a waiver.  Check out our Calendar and News Feed for more information! Open Play events consist of games from 10AM-4PM. Each game ranges from 5-60 minutes. Breaks between games are minimal to allow for more gameplay. A 30 minute break will be held for lunch. Play will resume following lunch with whomever is present; we will not wait for players who eat off-site. BB sales and equipment rentals are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Release of Liability Waiver must be signed by all participants and observers who intend to enter the CMA field. Please print the waiver as duplex (2-sided).  Blank waivers are also available on-site.